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Narcotic dentistry in case of fear of the dentist

It is very common to feel strong anxiety or fear before a visit to the dentist. Both when it comes to a basic examination or a major intervention. For those who suffer from severe dental fear help is available. With everything from light sedation to full anesthesia dentistry where you as the patient are sedated throughout the treatment.

There are few clinics today that offer anesthesia dentistry. It requires specialist knowledge and an on-site anesthetist to carry it out. We perform narcotic dentistry in Malmö with experienced specialists. Our goal is that you who come to us for a treatment should feel completely calm and safe. At TandCity, we always take the patient's wishes into account and adapt the treatment so that you can feel completely comfortable.

Sedation, a lighter anesthetic dentistry

Sedation means that you receive a relaxing drug before your treatment. Sedation is an alternative to being sedated and is sometimes called light anesthesia. You are not put to sleep during sedation, but you feel relaxed and calm. The drugs effectively remove nervousness and fear, and after the treatment one often only has a vague memory of the treatment.

Sedation, like general anesthesia, is a good option for patients who feel very anxious about going to the dentist. It is also a treatment option for daring to take the first step to treatment at the dentist, and the hope is always that in the long term it will be able to help the patient completely cure his fear of the dentist. Many times it is enough in the end to find the right dentist and clinic where you feel understood and listened to. At TandCity, we work calmly and methodically in a safe environment.

Practical information about narcotic dentistry at TandCity

Before anesthesia, you must fill in a health declaration. The health declaration is assessed by an anesthetist and sometimes additional information may be needed to be able to make an accurate assessment of whether you are a suitable patient. It should be remembered that general anesthesia always involves certain risks, which is why we often recommend our dentist-fearful patients to first try treatment with sedation in the form of sedatives.

More information about anesthesia dentistry, such as the procedure, rules about fasting, medication control and so on how to find here.

Narcotic dentistry - price and contact

Do you suffer from severe discomfort before or during dental visits and are you interested in treatments that can help you overcome your dental fear? Then TandCity is the right clinic for you. Please inform us before your visit with us if you are worried or find it very unpleasant to go to the dentist. We do everything we can to make you feel safe and secure when you visit us. Contact us also for information on prices for anesthesia dentistry. A warm welcome to us at TandCity, your dentist in Malmö.

Other measures taken for a dentist fear patient

Fear of the dentist sounds very dramatic, but in short it means a greater or lesser degree of discomfort in connection with a visit to the dentist. Often this feeling is due to something you have previously experienced.

Maybe it's all rooted in a childhood experience? There are also dentists who specialize in dealing with patients with fear of dentists in Malmö and who know the importance of adapting the treatment to the conditions.

Methodology and calmness

In the vast majority of patients with a fear of the dentist, the problems are rooted in a lack of control. In not knowing what is going on. A good and methodical way to deal with the stress is then to guide the patient through the treatment. It is common for the dentist to begin by describing the entire process, from start to finish. When the treatment then begins, the patient is continuously informed about each new step. The pace is always calm.


Again, focus on control and the patient in question. There is always the possibility for those who experience fear, pain or discomfort to pause the treatment so that the feeling in question can subside. Professional and service oriented dental care may take time, the most important thing is that the fear does not worsen.


In the first instance, pedagogical or methodological approaches are always chosen in connection with the treatment of a patient with dental fear. However, in some cases the patient has more difficulty handling the situation and then sedatives in the form of Benzodiazepine are a good alternative. Thanks to this, anxiety is reduced, while the muscles become more relaxed. Without the patient falling asleep for the sake of it.