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Teeth grinding and clenching are also called bruxism. A lot of people sometimes grind their teeth or clench their teeth hard, often under stress and in sleep. If it doesn't happen very often, it's not a problem. But if it happens regularly, the bite can be damaged. It is common that you also get a headache from grinding your teeth. 

What are the causes of teeth grinding?

Teeth grinding or clenching can be due to stress or anxiety but also sleep disorders (e.g. sleep apnea). It can also be due to an incorrect occlusion (contact between the upper and lower jaw), for example missing teeth or crooked teeth.

As an indication of teeth grinding, you can get a sore jaw or a persistent headache.

A patient's partner is often the one to alert the patient that he/she is grinding his/her teeth during the night.

A person's bite develops during childhood. It is shaped by dental changes, jaw muscles, tongue and individual habits. Even if most people don't have an absolutely perfect bite, it can still work without a problem. In some, it can give rise to an unstable bite. To adapt to this unstable bite, one begins to grind one's teeth.

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An unstable bite can also be a result of changes due to dental fillings or crowns, if sufficient consideration has not been given to the bite. The dentist must always take care that the changes made do not have any disturbing effect on the bite, as these can cause far-reaching damage to the teeth, muscles and joints.

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Things to consider when treating teeth grinding

The most difficult but also the most important task is to solve the problems of occlusion.
On TandCity in Malmö This is exactly what we focus on. We inform all patients about the problems related to bites, jaws and joints. When treating teeth grinding, it is important not only to think about the teeth and the bite individually, but to understand how everything is connected.

There are two important components that must be taken into account when grinding your teeth: muscles and joints.

In unstable bites, the jaw slides to the side during the bite. This lateral slip causes a change in the joint position, which in turn is compensated by the muscles, in order to possibly joint injuries must be avoided. The compensatory movement together with the unstable occlusion gives rise over time to excessive tooth wear, muscle pain and headaches.

Teeth grinding can sometimes lead to joint disorders. Clicking sounds occur and it becomes more difficult to move the jaw.

What happens if teeth grinding is not treated?

If Bruxism is not treated, the teeth can become looser, break or even fall out. An excessive loss of tooth substance can lead to stumps, which ultimately require root canals, crowns, bridges and dental implants. Teeth grinding can also affect joints and muscles so that joint pain and headaches occur.

What can I do to stop teething?

First of all, you must make an appointment with the dentist to have your teeth and jaw examined, to check if and what kind of Bruxism you have. In most cases, a first choice of treatment for teeth grinding is an individual bite splint, which is to be used at night and is either attached to the upper or lower jaw.

With the help of tooth impressions taken, the dental technician can immediately see how you grind and which teeth are causing the bite instability. Based on this knowledge, an individual splint is manufactured for a stable bite. This means that the lower jaw cannot slide to the side and no muscle compensation is required. The splint acts as a protection for the teeth and also prevents the teeth from moving over time.

If results are seen when using the splint, there is a possibility of permanently keeping it in the mouth. As a treatment for teeth grinding in Malmö, in these cases the dentist can produce a stable and comfortable occlusion with tailor-made "guides" produced by our dental technician. Here, ceramics and composite are often used in combination.

If you need treatment for teeth grinding in Malmö or if you have questions, you are welcome to contact us at TandCity. We are happy to examine your teeth, joints and muscles to check if it is Bruxism.

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