Teeth whitening in Malmö - for a beautiful smile

With a beautiful smile, you look more vital and indirectly gain better self-confidence. With professional teeth whitening, the teeth become visibly brighter. The treatment can be done at home or directly with us at TandCity in Malmö.

Teeth whitening at home or at TandCity

All people have their own individual shade of tooth enamel from birth. This is genetically determined and partially affects the teeth during growth. The biggest problem, however, is discoloration that occurs when the teeth are exposed to substances with a color-affecting effect. Different food products and drinks, as well as smoking, can also cause discoloration.

Plaque and tartar can be removed with a teeth cleaning, but some of the discoloration may have entered the enamel and will not disappear with a simple teeth cleaning. In medical dentistry, various tooth whitening methods have been used since the end of the 80s to achieve the best possible tooth colors.

At TandCity in Malmö, we offer two different types of whitening methods: Home whitening or teeth whitening at the clinic. We use Opalescence and Zoom Philips, which are the biggest and best known companies for whitening products.

Teeth whitening at home

When bleaching at home, two clinic visits are needed. At the first visit, impressions are taken of the teeth and we give you all the necessary information before use. At the second visit, you will receive whitening agents and the whitening trays that have been specially made for your teeth. Now you can start the treatment yourself.

It usually takes one to two weeks to achieve the desired color. The bleaching lasts between six months and two years, depending on what external influences your teeth are exposed to during that time.

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Teeth whitening at the clinic

White teeth in just 90 minutes! Clinic bleaching is carried out in a significantly shorter time with the help of a highly concentrated bleaching gel. To enhance the effect, a specially developed LED lamp is also used.

Teeth whitening treatment in Malmö -TandCity

Protective material is placed on the gums and a concentrated bleaching agent is applied to the teeth, which should work for 15 minutes on the tooth surface. After this, the jelly is sucked away and a new layer is applied. The procedure is repeated 4 times.

It is common for the teeth to become somewhat sensitive to cold during the first weeks after the treatment. We advise our patients to use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth during this time. We would also like to recommend that you do a general check of the teeth before the treatment. There may be certain risks in carrying out teeth whitening in cases where the teeth are affected by caries or there is a gingivitis. Something that can lead to bigger problems.

Teeth Bleaching Award
Clinic whitening + splints for home whitening  5500
Home bleaching with splints and bleaching gel  3500

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