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Dental implants – the new way to replace lost teeth! With dental implants, we have had a breakthrough in dental health care. Implants are the solution for you who have lost one, several or perhaps all of your teeth. Instead of attaching bridges to healthy teeth or using unfixed dentures, permanent artificial teeth can be used.

Replace a missing tooth with dental implants

For an implant treatment, only local anesthesia is needed. A dental implant is attached with a screw to the desired location in the jaw. During a healing period, the implant must grow together with the tooth bone. The denture (Bed/Crown/Bridge) can then be permanently attached to the implant with the help of screws.

Dental implants are today a standard method in dental health care, with significant advantages. Dental implants feel natural, like real teeth, and look natural too. In addition, neither saliva nor speech is affected.

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In 1965, the first patient received a titanium dental implant. When this patient died in 2006, it was found that the implant had worked well for more than 40 years. The implant surgery had been performed by Dr. Brånemark who had also discovered the biocompatible property of titanium, the so-called Osseo Integration. The following years saw an extensive and rapid development of implants as a treatment method in dental health care. Today there are several implant brands.

Replace a missing tooth with dental implants in Malmö - TandCity

Custom implants

On TandCity in Malmö we offer dental implants in different materials, length, width and shape. We take into account factors such as implant position and bone mass. Because implants work differently, depending on the individual situation, we choose the implant that is best for your particular situation.

We collaborate with Implant Solutions in Gothenburg and Thommen medical in Stockholm, who provide us with the latest in implant development. We use Anyridge from Megagen and Thommen from Swiss Thommen medical, which allows us to work minimally invasively due to its unique design and properties.

We can also offer treatments with other implant systems, as we also have instruments for other brands.

At TandCity belong implant treatments to the routine. Here you are offered treatment in a stress-free and calm environment by dentists with the latest knowledge in implant research.

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