About narcotic dentistry before your dental visit

Thank you for choosing TandCity for the care of your teeth – we know that your choice required careful thought.
In order for your visit to us to be as safe and patient-safe as possible, this page contains practical information about anesthetic dentistry and what is good to know before your next visit to us. 

Preparations for narcotic dentistry at TandCity Malmö

Health declaration

Before your visit with us, you will fill in a health declaration that will be assessed by an anesthesiologist. It is important that this is complete together with a phone number for you as you want to be contacted in case the anesthetist has additional questions for you.


Before interventions under anesthesia, one must be fasting for at least 6h and not have been drinking at least 2 hours before the procedure is performed. This is because the stomach must be empty to prevent possible complications during anaesthesia.

In practical terms, this means that:

  • If Your besök is booked before 12.30 p.m
    you must be fasting from 00:00 the night before. Up to 2 hours before the visit, it is fine to drink a cup coffee without milk, tea, juice/juice but NO Thinlk, yogurt or gamedde as these count as food. The drink may preferably be sweetened.
    At the same time, be sure to take any medications then (see below).
  • If Your besök is booked afterat 12:30 p.m
    you should eat a light breakfast (avoid fatty food) no later than 0600 but must be completely fasting thereafter.
    Up to 2 hours before the visit, it is fine to drink a cup coffee without milk, tea, juice but NO Thinlk, yogurt or gamedde as these count as solid food. The drink may preferably be sweetened. At the same time, be sure to take any medications then (see below).


If you smoke/snuff, it is important that you take a break of at least 2 hours, as nicotine affects the emptying of the stomach.

Common medications

As a rule, you must take your customary medications exactly as usual, but with the above drink and time limits as a guideline. For certain special diseases the following applies:

  • Asthma/COPD– Take your inhalation medicine in the morning even if you do not currently need it - this is to prevent possible complications during the anaesthesia.
    Bring your inhalation medications to the procedure.
  • Diabetes,tablet treated - Her NOT your morning dose of the diabetes medicine, take the other tablets as usual.
    You will facing with blood sugar device as well as yours diabetesmedicin to TandCity, when you must take these after the procedure.
    TandCity prioritizing diabetes patients for early interventions during the day.
  • Diabetes, treated with insulin - Her NOT your morning dose of insulin (applies to both slow/fast-acting).
    You will bring a blood sugar monitor as well as own insulin pen/or when you must take these after the procedure.
    TandCity prioritizing diabetes patients for early interventions during the day.

Anti-anxiety medication

If you have difficulty dental fear You will be given anti-anxiety medication to take 2 hours before your visit.

During the visit

Premedicine & before anesthesia

On arrival at us, you will be given pain-relieving tablets that you must take right before the procedure, so-called pre-medication. These medicines, usually paracetamol (Panodil®, Alvedon®) and NSAIDs (ibuprofen, diclofenac) are given for preventive purposes against toothache.

Before the anaesthetic, it is important that you try to empty your bladder just before the procedure, as it is significantly more difficult afterwards, mainly due to fatigue.
Feel free to use our toilet upon arrival!

Dental care under anesthesia

Efter du tagit plats i tandläkarstolen kommer narkospersonal sätta ett dropp via en venkanyl du får lagt på handryggen/armvecket. En venkanyl är ett tunt plaströr som leder in till blodkärlet och det är via denna du kommer få narkosläkemedlen. Personalen kommer dessutom att koppla upp dig till patientmonitorn som övervakar blodtryck, puls, andningsfrekvens samt syresättning under ingreppet.
Patient safety is high during the procedure and TandCity uses the same rigorous monitoring equipment as a hospital operating room.

We follow the most current scientific guidelines in anesthesia for dental procedures. The anesthetic drugs that are used are therefore modern and are tailored according to the nature of the procedure, its length and your needs. The anesthesia can therefore be anything from light sedation where you get a relaxing & anxiety-relieving effect during the procedure to deeper anesthesia where you sleep heavily. Feel free to tell the anesthetic staff about your thoughts & needs!

Efter ingreppet kommer du att förbli liggandes i tandläkarstolen under övervakning tills det att du är mer vaken och alert. Den vanligaste biverkan efter narkos är illamående, något vi gör vårt yttersta för att du ska undvika. Efterföljande vill du ta plats i väntrummet tills narkosläkaren skriver ut dig och du kan återvända hem.

After the visit

Vi på TandCity eftersträvar att ditt ingrepp skall vara så smärtfritt som möjligt. För att bibehålla den smärtlindrande effekten av premedicin samt av lokalbedövningen som the dentist använder rekommenderas att man har tillgång till receptfria läkemedel (Alvedon®, Panodil®, Ipren® eller Diklofenac) hemma för fortsatt god smärtlindring efter ingreppet. Dessa går att köpa på valfritt apotek. Följ tillverkarens eller apotekets anvisning.

Good to remember

  • Avoid nail polish on all fingers, preferably save thumb & index finger on one hand. If you use false nails, the same applies. This is because our monitoring equipment cannot measure with nail polish/loose nails.
  • Avoid contact lenses and bring glasses - this is because the ability to blink during anesthesia is affected and the lenses/eyes can dry out.
  • It is forbidden to drive a car or other vehicle 24 hours after the procedure, as our anesthetic drugs are classified as narcotics and some residual effect can be seen. When going home, you should be picked up by a relative/friend or take a taxi or public transport.
  • Remember to come rested before the procedure.
  • Bring identification.

Narcotics dentistry price

See our price list or Contact Us for the price of narcotic dentistry.

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