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Malmö's private dental clinic no. 1 with quality as the highest priority

Offering high-quality dental care has always been our focus. Now we have taken it a step further by investing in the Qdent quality management program, which is specially designed for dental clinics. We want you as a patient to feel secure that you will receive the best possible dental care with us. With the help of Qdent, we have gained another tool to maintain a high quality regarding treatments, patient safety and the environment. Read more about what this does for you as a patient.

We want to improve and raise the quality further and Qdent gives us knowledge and tools to make this easier so we have more time to spend on our patients. In addition to simplifying our quality work, the program also keeps us updated on the latest in laws and regulations. The Dental Care Act states that: Dental care must be conducted so that it meets the requirement for good dental care. This means that it must

  • Be of good quality with a good hygienic standard and place special emphasis on preventive measures
  • Satisfy the patient's need for security in care and treatment, be easily accessible 
  • Build on respect for the patient's self-determination and integrity
  • Promote good contacts between the patient and the dental staff
  • Urgent cases must be treated with priority

Qdent helps us maintain and improve these variables. By using this program, we hope to be able to deliver safe, accessible and quality dental care that can grow and meet the needs of the future. With the help of the program, we also review our environmental aspects such as waste management and the choice of suppliers. Protecting our environment and thinking long-term about these issues is something that is important to us. 

Quality work is a continuous process and with the help of Qdent, we can easily ensure that all our employees can follow and participate in this. We always strive to be better and we believe that Qdent will help us in our work towards our goal: to offer Malmö's best dental care.