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Bone building makes it possible for everyone to be able to have an implant inserted! Since implants require bone for insertion, a bone structure is required where the implant is to be placed. 

Bone reconstruction with the sinus lift method - in case of lack of bone in the jaw

There are a number of causes of decreased bone mass.

In the upper jaw, the reason is mostly that the Sinus (sinus) grows with age. To remedy this problem, you can use the sinus lift method, where you carefully lift up the sinus and build on it with bone replacement material.
Another reason for reduced bone mass may be that the bone mass recedes after an extraction.

In the lower jaw, the problem is mostly the thickness of the bone mass and underlying nerve (Nervus Mandibularis).

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Bone building

When building bones, we use a biocompatible material called Bio-Oss, which the body easily assimilates. Through this, new bones are formed, which are required for the planned the implant treatment.

Bone reconstruction in case of lack of bone in the jaw - TandCity

The sinus lift method can simply be described as opening a window into the mouth right up to the sinus. The sinus is closed with a soft tissue along the walls of the sinus. The fabric is movable and can thus be used as a kind of tent. This tent is filled with Bio-Oss, at the same time as the window is closed.
This is followed by a healing period of at least 6 months. After successful healing, implants can then be inserted. Even after a normal tooth extraction, an immediate bone build-up is sometimes recommended, to enable an even better implant treatment.

With the help of an X-ray image, we can in most cases assess the need for bone reconstruction before the treatment. However, certain factors only become apparent when the bone shows itself during the implant treatment itself. If the bone mass is insufficient, we either do a sinus lift in combination with an implant or we start with build-up and then when everything is healed, the implant treatment itself is done.

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