Professional teeth cleaning - for clean and healthy teeth

Brushing the teeth with toothpaste and cleaning with dental floss between the teeth at least twice a day is part of good oral hygiene. If you get tartar and if stains appear on the tooth surfaces, you should make sure to get a professional cleaning. With regular teeth cleaning, the risk of oral diseases such as Periodontitis and Caries is significantly reduced.

Get help with teeth cleaning

At TandCity in Malmö you get a thorough and professional teeth cleaning according to your own individual needs. Some people are more exposed to the risk of getting oral diseases, eg diabetics and smokers. We always strive to give each patient exactly the treatment that is needed in their individual case. In many cases, treatments are recommended. For those who so wish or where required, we carry out the treatment with anesthetics.

A regular professional dental hygienist treatment consists of:

  • One Periodontitis and clinical control as well as information about these
  • Aesthetic teeth cleaning
  • Deep cleaning if necessary
  • Polishing
  • Oral hygiene as well as instructions for proper dental care
  • Recommendation of special products, if this is required

With a professional teeth cleaning, you save both time and money and also get a beautiful smile.

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