A 3D X-ray image of a human jaw taken with our new CBCT technology

3D X-ray - CBCT - Now we accept referrals from all over Skåne

An image of our advanced dental CBCT machine that provides high-quality 3D X-ray images

Our dental clinic in Malmö is your new partner for fast and efficient dental care! We have recently upgraded our equipment with a state-of-the-art CBCT of the latest generation and can now accept more referrals and offer high-quality X-ray examinations to your patients. We collaborate with Boneprox and licensed dentist and specialist in maxillofacial radiology, SOPHIA ARLEDAL, who is responsible for the statements. Whether it's CBCT, panoramic images or intraoral images, you can trust us to provide accurate assessment and treatment. We guarantee a time for the X-ray examination the same week that the referral comes in and provide an answer to the examination on the same working day. We adjust the radiation dose for optimal resolution and CBCT is also an excellent technique for safe implant planning or endodontic diagnoses and investigations.

We also offer surgical procedures:

  1. soft tissue plastic surgery,
  2. apicectomy with piezo instrumentation for best prognosis,
  3. implant with several different brands (mainly Thommen and MegaGen Anyridge), as well as tissue build-up such as sinus lift, horizontal and vertical tissue build-up. We work methodically and systematically with optical magnification.

We also have several years of experience with transparent orthodontics and work with Invisalign.

We look forward to helping.