Broken dental crown? Get help from our talented dentists in Malmö with ceramic dental crowns

All-ceramic dental crowns and dental bridges work like real teeth. Sometimes a dental crown may have been destroyed, weakened or discolored due to caries, fractures or larger old fillings. To extend the life of the tooth or improve its appearance, we recommend that the tooth be fitted with an all-ceramic crown.

We only use approved materials for our dental crowns

An artificial dental crown is a permanent covering of the entire old crown, including edges and possible damage. The edge of the crown will be under the gums and the artificial crown will be carefully attached with a type of dental cement.

By using all-ceramic dental crowns, optimal aesthetics are obtained where the gums look their best. In the past, metal crowns with ceramic inlays were used. On these, a metallic line was often seen at the gums or could appear when the gums receded. With all-ceramic crowns, the tooth looks completely healthy. Therefore, we prefer as a professional emergency dentist in Malmö this type of crowns.

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Dental crown without the risk of "chip-off" damage

All of our all-ceramic products have been manufactured in one piece of ceramic. This is important to know because there are methods where products with a hard ceramic core and a softer ceramic coating are used. With these products, damage such as "chip-off" can occur that is difficult to repair without completely replacing the crown with a new one. At TandCity we do not use these methods. We use Bruxir for molars and Empress for front teeth. Both products are manufactured in one piece, with no risk of "chip-off" damage.

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If you have lost one or more teeth and implants do not feel like a good option, we can offer a solution using dental bridges. We then replace the missing teeth with crowns placed on a bridge. The new crowns are attached to the healthy teeth next to the space for the missing teeth. In this way, a strong bridge structure is created.

Time to book an appointment for dental care in Malmö? We at TandCity offer personal service and also use all-ceramic dental crowns and dental bridges for dental implants. These are permanently attached with screws to the implants. Feel free to contact us for more information about the price for dental crowns or other treatments.

Prosthetics / Crown / Bridge Award
Permanent tooth-supported crown, all-ceramic, one per jaw 6760
Permanent tooth-supported crown, all-ceramic, several in the same jaw 5035
Hanging joints in tooth-supported prosthetics, all-ceramic, per joint 2465
Partial denture for temporary use, one to three teeth 4120
Partial denture for temporary use, four or more teeth 5800
Partial prosthesis with cast skeleton, anchored with staples 12285
Complicated partial denture supported by socket crown, inner crown or attachments 13905
Full mandibular prosthesis 10435
Complete upper jaw prosthesis 10435
Immediate prosthesis, full jaw 7815
Adjustment of removable prosthesis 475
Repair of prosthesis or addition of protestand 1585
Rebasing of prosthesis 2880
Repair of prosthesis where impression is required 2481
Complicated repair of prosthesis 4532

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