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Porcelain veneers are individually adapted super-thin porcelain shells in the desired tooth color. These are used for aesthetic purposes.

The dental veneers are attached to the front teeth. The patient receives a perfect dental optic in terms of colour, shape and size. Because they are very thin and let light through, you can see no difference between your own teeth and those with veneers. You can choose to use veneers for one or more teeth.

Facades can also be made of artificial materials (bonded veneers), when aesthetic filling material is used. The artificial veneers are either produced by the dental technician or they are made directly by the dentist.

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We work minimally invasively

Before the treatment and the actual installation of porcelain veneers in Malmö, impressions are taken of your teeth, which are then sent to our dental technician. The dental technician then performs a wax-up. Rubber guides are made on the wax-up form, so that the dentist can assess how much of the tooth must be removed before the veneer is put on. In this way, we know that we are not removing more than necessary of your own tooth.

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Dental veneers are particularly suitable for patients with:

  • Discolored teeth – teeth that have, for example, become darker after a root canal treatment
  • Teeth that have an irregular shape, crooked teeth or uneven teeth
  • Chipped or split teeth
  • Worn down teeth
  • Gaps between the teeth – with the intention of covering the gaps

Since most treatments with porcelain veneers in Malmö are done for aesthetic reasons, it is of the utmost importance that the dentist and the patient are in complete agreement.

At TandCity in Malmö, we are keen that you really get information about every part of the treatment, that you feel well received and get the very best result. We take a photo of your smile and send this to our technician. The dental technician uses special software to create a smile that suits you (Digital imaging). By visualizing how it should look, you can imagine the new smile and changes can be made to your complete satisfaction.

Prosthetics / Crown / Bridge Award
Permanent tooth-supported crown, all-ceramic, one per jaw  6760
Permanent tooth-supported crown, all-ceramic, several in the same jaw  5035

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