Aliakbar Al Obeidi

Your dental health is the most important thing for Aliakbar Al Obeidi, an experienced dentist in Malmö who is committed to delivering first-class service and treatments. As one of the leading dentists for implant treatments in Malmö, Aliakbar takes care of your teeth with the same care that a serious watchmaker takes care of his expensive watches.

With an attitude that your teeth are more valuable than a Rolex, Aliakbar uses modern technology to magnify the image of the tooth tissue by as much as 11 times, to guarantee the most accurate and gentle treatment possible. Through this, he can streamline the treatment process and improve healing time.

With over 7 years of experience and a constant drive to improve the quality of its treatments, Aliakbar has invested in training with the world's leading surgeons and dentists. After his basic training in Umeå, he has further training in minimally invasive plastic surgery in Munich, Vienna, Lithuania and Brazil as well as smile design in Kiev. Aliakbar has also furthered his education in periodontology and tooth loss at the Eastman Institute in Stockholm.

All implant treatment at Aliakbar is planned digitally with an accurate 3D X-ray to ensure a correct and tailored treatment. Book an appointment with Aliakbar for a safe and effective treatment for implants, treatment against tooth loss, tooth extraction or correction of uneven gums.

Are you looking for an experienced and professional dentist for implants in Malmö? Contact Aliakbar Al Obeidi today!