Alexander Johansson

Alexander Johansson is an experienced and educated dentist in Malmö, founder of TandCity together with Sofie Bergman. He is a specialist in implant surgery and aesthetic dentistry, and has carried out thousands of successful operations around Sweden and Europe.

Alexander is educated at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and has a "University Degree in Dental Surgery" degree from 2009. He has worked as a dentist in both Finland and Switzerland, where he started the clinic ZahnCity with the aim of modernizing and improving traditional dental care.

TandCity Malmö, founded by Alexander and Sofie, offers a unique dental care experience with a focus on the patient's well-being. The clinic is conveniently located near the central station and has bright and open spaces. TandCity Malmö has generous opening hours, is technologically advanced and has a family atmosphere where all patients feel welcome.

Alexander Johansson as dentist and clinic manager at TandCity Malmö welcomes patients, new and old, to visit him and his team for the best possible dental care in Malmö.