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Dental implants in Malmö - a treatment well worth the money

Inserting dental implants falls under the specialized branch of dental surgery, referred to by some as maxillofacial surgery. Inserting dental implants is today a common treatment that general dentists also perform, of course only with specific training and education. At TandCity, our dentists work daily with implants.

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When are dental implants needed?

A dental implant replaces one or more missing teeth. That is, if you have lost teeth for some reason, these can be replaced by a dental implant, so that the aesthetics and function are restored in your mouth. Because the dental implants are inserted directly into the jawbone and do not depend on anchoring in other teeth, they can replace all teeth differently in the lower or upper jaw. It is also possible to replace several lost teeth in a row with an implant bridge or to get a new set of fixed teeth in a completely toothless mouth. In this way, removable full and partial dentures are avoided.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment takes place in different stages. First, an operation is performed where the screw, the implant, is attached to the jawbone where the cavity after the missing tooth is. After a few months, the implant has healed into the jawbone and then a scanning impression is taken of the implant to be able to produce it ceramic dental crown. The dental technician designs and mills the crown or bridge, and the dentist then screws it into the implant. After that, the treatment is finished and the patient has a nice new tooth to chew with. Many may react to the word implant surgery and associate it with something unpleasant and painful. The truth is that the patient does not feel anything at all as he is completely numb. As implant operations are now part of the standard treatment at dentists, they tend to go relatively quickly and are not normally associated with so much after-effects.

Why are dental implants a good investment?

A dental implant is a safe, well-proven and permanent solution to replace lost teeth. The alternatives are different types of removable prostheses or fixed bridges where you also have to involve and grind other teeth. Dental implants are a minimally invasive and more long-term solution for tooth loss. Another factor is that no caries will be able to form on the implant itself. Since healthy gums and jawbone are a prerequisite for the implant, it is of great importance that the patient has good oral hygiene to avoid infections around the implant. It is also important to have regular check-ups with the dentist.

How much do dental implants cost?

The price for dental implants depends on how many implants you need and whether other additional pre-treatments are required, such as bone building or adjustment of the sinus. Through the high-cost protection offered by the insurance fund, you can get help with a large part of the treatment cost. For dental care costs over SEK 3,000, you get 50% of the cost reimbursed, and over SEK 15,000 you get a full 85% in compensation. This compensation is based on Försäkringskassan's reference price for the treatment. Ask us at TandCity about a cost proposal for your implant treatment and how you can get help with compensation from the Social Insurance Agency, we have full control.

Our main goal at TandCity is to offer dental care of the highest quality at good prices. Before starting treatment, you can always ask us for price for dental implants in Malmö. When you have dental implants with us at TandCity, you can be sure that we do the treatment at a fair price.

Just like a regular tooth

A dental implant feels and works basically like normal teeth. The implants give the same feeling as a normal tooth when you chew, you can say that the dental implants stimulate the jawbone like a real tooth. An implant is difficult to distinguish visually from "real" teeth and also does not affect salivation or speech.

Dental implants in Malmö at TandCity

At TandCity, we have a selection of several different dental implants to suit all our patients. We work together with several different suppliers and can offer treatments with implants from many different brands. With us, jaw surgery and dental implants are commonplace, we have extensive experience with this type of intervention.

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