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Invisalign – The almost invisible braces

Just like in all other technical areas, development is also moving forward when it comes to dental care. At TandCity in Malmö, we are always at the forefront when it comes to new methods and techniques. Therefore, we offer Invisalign - an almost tooth splint position that step by step corrects and moves the teeth to a more optimal one. The method is both effective and convenient.

You are welcome to contact us at TandCity for more information about invisible braces in Malmö or continue reading below. With invisible braces, we can correct your smile Straight teeth or slightly crooked teeth. Both options can be equally pleasant and charming. The most important thing is that you are happy with your smile! If you are not happy with your teeth, it is possible to correct them to give you a smile you can enjoy without visible or uncomfortable braces. The only possibility for a beautiful smile does not have to be fixed braces in the classic sense with visible metal. Today there is an alternative on the market that works to correct almost all smiles and is therefore increasingly replacing the classic metal braces. This solution is called Invisalign.

Invisible braces – a splint for every step

Invisalign - The almost invisible brace | ToothCityThe Invisalign braces are designed in such a way that each brace moves the teeth a little bit at a time. The braces you start with are slightly different from how your teeth are initially positioned and as you use the braces, the teeth move to the designed position of the braces. Then you switch to the next rails that are different from the previous rails and thus move the teeth further. The splints after that provide their specific movement and in this way your teeth continue to move – step by step – until all splints are used and the desired end result is achieved.

How many splints are needed, and thus how long the treatment time is, is individually calculated and differs from person to person. The splints are used around the clock, even when you sleep. You only take the splints out when you eat/drink or brush your teeth. Clean the rails with your regular toothbrush.

Three advantages of invisalign - invisible braces

1. Clear and quick results

If you choose Invisalign as an orthodontic treatment, you will see quick results. Already after a few months, you will see that your teeth have moved. In addition, you can see how the end result will be even before the treatment has started.

2. Flexible
The ability to remove the rails gives you significantly more flexibility. It is also easier to keep the mouth clean and thus reduces the risk of gingivitis and caries. This makes it much more practical than the old type of braces, which often get stuck with food residue and make brushing difficult.

3. Convenient
Invisalign's soft, smooth aligners are more comfortable than fixed braces with metal brackets and wires. There is less irritation to the inside of the mouth and it is easier to talk.

Invisible braces in Malmö - TandCity

In practical terms, you book an appointment with one of TandCity's Invisalign-certified dentists. During the first meeting, you will receive all the information you need to know how your treatment will go. If you choose to proceed with the treatment, the next step is to make a 3D scan of your teeth and take photographs. The impressions and photographs are sent to a specific Invisalign laboratory where, together with the dentist, a unique treatment plan is drawn up for your invisible dental brace, Invisalign.

Two weeks later, you will return to your Invisalign dentist to review your treatment plan. Then you get to see a 3D model of your teeth before and after the Invisalign treatment. You will also find out how long the treatment is expected to take, that is, how many splints you need to achieve the desired result. After another two weeks, the splints are in place at your dentist and it's time to start the treatment with your invisible braces in Malmö. Soon you will have the smile you always wanted!

Each set of splints is used for 7-14 days, your dentist will give you information on what fits best in your particular case. During the course of the treatment, you go to regular check-ups with your Invisalign dentist at TandCity to check that everything is going as planned and to get the next set of invisalign aligners. This is how the treatment progresses until all the splints are used and the final result is achieved.

Are you ready for your new smile? Contact TandCity for more information about our treatments. We always strive to offer the best dental care at the best prices regardless of the treatment involved, whether it concerns a regular routine check-up or more advanced procedures such as dental implants.