Keep your tooth in style with quality dental jewelry at TandCity

Everything you need to know about dental jewelry

It is not a new invention to adorn one's teeth with beautiful decorations. The Mayan Indians already did that a couple of thousand years ago. Back then, the material was stone and plants and bone meal were mixed to make them stick. Nowadays, you can bring your favorite and ask the dentist if it can be used, or you can choose from the range at the clinic. Below is information on everything you need to know when you want adorn your teeth.

Keep your tooth in style with quality dental jewelry at TandCityWhat jewelry can you use as teeth jewelry?

There are many pieces of jewelry to choose from. You can use one dental jewelry made of basically any gemstones. Diamonds, sapphires or rubies. They often come in the form of stars, triangles or hearts. Of course, they can be designed in a number of ways to resemble any symbol you want - a flower, a football or just whatever is closest to your heart. Check online what suits your taste.

How do you get dental jewelry?

Visit a dentist when attaching your jewelry. The procedure is quick and easy and the jewelry is glued to the tooth without leaving any marks or damage if you want to remove it later. Some may find that it feels a little strange the first time after the jewelry is attached, but you will get used to it quickly. You also do not need to change any of your habits when it comes to teeth cleaning, but you can continue to brush your teeth and use dental floss and mouthwash just as usual.

How to remove a dental jewelry?

It is easy and painless to remove your dental jewelry should you regret or tire of the style. Whether you want to remove it completely or exchange it for a new piece of jewelry, a professional clinic will be able to help you. You can easily make an appointment for removal online and the treatment is quick and works in much the same way as removing braces.

Is dental jewelry permanent?

Yes, the dental jewelry usually remains until you choose to remove it yourself. If your tooth would not be damaged or exposed to something else, that is. You can also feel safe that the jewelry will not leave any marks or damage on the tooth. If you choose to get one dental jewelry in Malmö at a dentist, go to someone who has a lot of experience and a good selection. Most people probably wouldn't say no to beautiful and sparkling Swarovski crystals attached to the tooth and these are just some of the options to choose from! You can point out exactly where you want them placed. This does not take many minutes and the enamel is left completely undamaged.

What are the benefits of getting dental jewelry?

Just as white and clean teeth make for a beautiful smile, so does one dental jewelry make a big difference to your appearance. Every time you smile, the little stone or figurine will sparkle and make people flock to it. Since you can choose the style and shape of your jewelry yourself, it will also help to enhance your personality. Do you like glitter or do you want something more discreet? Here it is you who chooses. Book a visit with TandCity to get help putting in or remove dental jewelry in Malmö. It will not damage your teeth and is quick and easy. There you can also book most types of treatments such as root canals, dental implants or a professional teeth cleaning. Of course at good prices with professional staff who take your needs and wishes into account.