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5 things that are good to know about dental care

Actively and regularly taking care of your teeth reduces the risk of tooth decay and gives you a more beautiful smile. In addition to providing more beautiful teeth, good oral hygiene also prevents infections and diseases. Here is a list of 5 things that are important to know about dental care.

The importance of taking care of your teeth

Taking care of your teeth yourself using the right methods and techniques is important for good oral hygiene and to avoid diseases and pain in the mouth and teeth. Your own daily prevention should be supplemented with regular visits to dentist to ensure that there is no caries attack on the teeth and to avoid dental problems.

The consequences of not taking care of your teeth

Healthy and whole teeth are a very large part of our well-being and health. Toothache, loose teeth and poor dental status negatively affect our quality of life. Healthy teeth also affect our self-esteem - a beautiful smile always makes a good impression.

Simple methods for better teeth

The simplest methods of taking care of your teeth are to brush your teeth twice a day (2 minutes each time) and to floss regularly. Brushing your teeth is a matter of course for the vast majority of people. What is not a matter of course, however, is which toothbrush to choose. Here follows a brief explanation of what you should think about.

The single most important thing to consider when choosing a toothbrush is that it should be easy to access all the teeth. A regular manual toothbrush can clean just as well as an electric toothbrush with the right technology. The difference between the two is that an electric toothbrush cleans tooth by tooth and it is important to follow the shape of the tooth, while a manual toothbrush "rubs" the teeth clean. Another important detail is that the brush head of an electric toothbrush is not large enough to hold the recommended amount of toothpaste. Therefore, you need to refill toothpaste after a jaw is brushed.

Neither a conventional toothbrush nor an electric toothbrush can clean between the teeth. This is the reason why dentist reminds that brushing teeth should be supplemented with dental floss, plaquers or other methods to clean between the teeth.

Fluoride toothpaste and fluoride rinse prevent caries

Dental kit for a good dental care | ToothCity
Fluoride is found naturally in many different foods and in drinking water in Sweden. Fluoride is important for preventing tooth decay and protecting tooth enamel. The introduction of toothpaste with fluoride has a very large part in Sweden's generally good dental health.

Fluoride, like most other substances, has side effects if overdosed. Fluoride in the dose recommended by dentists and Swedish dental care does not cause any side effects. Recommended dose of fluoride toothpaste:

  • Adults: 2 cm wide every opportunity
  • 6-11 years: 1 cm wide every opportunity
  • 6 months - 5 years: a click the size of the child's little finger nail wide every opportunity.

Fluoride rinse is a supplement to tooth brushing and does not replace the need to brush the teeth. Fluoride rinse is usually recommended for people who have problems with tooth decay or dry mouth, as well as people with braces, partial dentures, dental implants, bridges or crowns. But it can also be good to supplement with mouthwash to improve oral hygiene. Using a fluoride rinse immediately after a meal is also a good way to protect the enamel of the teeth.

To avoid teeth grinding

Many have problems with teeth grinding in Malmö and in Sweden. Often it is because the bite is not correct, which the masticatory muscles try to compensate by working (gnashing). Stress and sleep disorders can be another cause. Not addressing the problem can lead to wear and tear on the teeth, headaches and pain and stiffness in the jaw muscles and jaw joints. The best way to avoid these problems is to get a bite splint against teeth grinding. One such is designed by one professional dentist and a skilled dental technician.

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