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Tips for effective teeth whitening and emergency dental care

The color of our teeth is genetically determined and as individual as the color of our eyes and hair. But discolorations can also be related to external factors such as diet, age dental fillings, drinks and smoking.

Lucky then that it is now quite possible for those who have suffered from dull discolorations to easily come to terms with this. In recent decades, effective and gentle teeth whitening methods have been developed, specially designed for you who want a whiter smile.

Which type of bleaching is best depends on how quickly you want to achieve the desired result, but regardless of which method you choose, you should use a professional dentist. This reduces the risk of problems that can otherwise arise, for example, in connection with the teeth being attacked by caries.

Below is a brief description of effective and gentle teeth whitening and more tips on what you should consider for the best and most sustainable results.


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Tips for effective teeth whitening and emergency dental care

Teeth whitening is not only about getting whiter teeth quickly, nowadays it is also important that the agents contribute to better dental health. Zoom whitening is a method that, in addition to the effective hydrogen peroxide, also contains ACP – a substance that reduces the sensitivity of the teeth and protects the enamel.

This type of bleaching is available both as products for home use and for treatment in a clinic. Which of the options suits you depends on how quickly you want results. Home whitening is a process that lasts for a longer time, while clinic whitening gives white and beautiful teeth in just 90 minutes.

Regardless of which method you choose, your dentist will help you with the right materials and instructions for safe whitening that does not pose any risks to teeth or gums.

For best results, it may sometimes also require replacement dental crown or filling to deal with the discolorations.


Opalescence is a brand that, for example, excels in home whitening. Before treatment begins, however, two visits to the dental clinic are required. This is so that you will receive all the necessary information as well as access to the means and splints needed for you to carry out the bleaching yourself in a safe and effective way.

The treatment can be carried out during either day or night and the results are usually visible after one to two weeks. After that, you can count on a radiantly beautiful smile for up to two years.

Are you longing for a whiter smile? Now there are no more excuses. We at TandCity in Malmö offer effective and safe whitening methods that not only give you more beautiful but also healthy teeth. Of course, we also have solid expertise in emergency dentalcare. Book an appointment today.

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