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A dentist in Malmö reduces the risk of toothache this winter

For most people, December equals various Christmas and New Year parties or family dinners with wonderful menus and flavors. Others choose to travel away to sunny destinations or steer the pack towards ski-friendly and snow-covered resorts. Regardless of what plans you have, a toothache can ruin the entire holiday.

A toothache never comes at the right time, but it's certainly a little extra annoying when it chooses to break out in connection with holidays and time off. During a period when you finally have the opportunity to rest and recharge your batteries.

Now in connection with holidays such as Christmas and New Year, there is an increased focus on food, sweets, pastries and sweet drinks. Although it may be sad to think about it, this means an increased load on your teeth and also risks leading to sudden pain in the teeth, lost restorations or the need for new restorations or implants.

What to do in case of acute toothache?

In case of acute toothache, you should immediately see a dentist to get help with your toothache. It rarely gets better if you wait. Ours tips for extreme toothache as it will be a while before you can get help against your toothache is to take some over-the-counter painkillers to ease the pain. If you don't have any pain relievers available, you can instead rinse your mouth with warm salt water for temporary pain relief.

Toothache with a cold

Did you know that toothaches don't necessarily have to be because you ate too many sweets and mistreated your teeth? Toothaches can actually arise from the common winter cold. You may have a toothache during a cold when the virus settles on the sinuses, which then become inflamed. 

The pain that occurs is mainly in the upper row of teeth and the back teeth, but, as I said, does not mean that you necessarily have any problems with the teeth. But since it is impossible to determine for yourself whether the toothache is due to the cold or whether it is a "real" toothache, we always recommend visiting a dentist to determine which is the case.

Toothache with a cold occurs simply because the roots of the teeth in the upper dentition extend up towards, and sometimes into, the sinuses. The roots sense when the sinuses swell up, which can lead to painful itching or a slight feeling of pressure.

Prevent the pain

A dentist in Malmö reduces the risk of toothache this winter

For those who plan to travel away during the Christmas holidays, it is recommended to visit one dentist in Malmö to prevent the risk of a painful experience. Above all, this is important if you already have feelings that something is not right.

A good tip like this for all the coming weekends is also to refresh your smile before the New Year's party. Choose between convenient home whitening or effective whitening on site at your dentist. Regardless of whether you need help with dental care or aesthetic treatment, a visit to a private dentist in Malmö with generous opening hours and broad expertise is recommended.

Personal dental care

If you choose a professional and inviting reception in connection with emergency dental care in Malmö then you don't have to feel that it is discouraging to receive treatment. On the contrary, you can then be sure that the treatment is adapted to your specific needs, conditions and wishes.

Contact us at TandCity in Malmö and avoid painful teeth this winter. This way at Christmas we offer a 50% discount on teeth cleaning and/or examination.