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Information about root canals

At TandCity in Malmö, you always get professional treatment, fair dental care prices and the help you and your teeth need. In this article, you will, among other things, learn interesting facts about root canals, whether a root canal hurts and how our treatments in the form of root canals in Malmö goes to.

What is a root canal?

If a hole in the tooth becomes deep enough, it can damage the inside of the tooth. This, in turn, can lead to the tooth's root canal becoming infected. That infection can lead to toothache and it is with that type of infection that a root canal may be needed.

The body's own immune system cannot reach the infection and the bacteria, so in order for the situation not to worsen, the tooth nerve needs to be removed and the root canal cleaned and then filled in with a rubber-like material. Other reasons why a tooth may need a root canal can be deep caries, cracks due to strong tooth clenching or the tooth being damaged by a blow.

How is a root canal done?

Root canal filling in Malmö | ToothCity Before a root canal or root canal treatment begins, the tooth is examined and X-rayed by the dentist. If it is judged that the tooth should be filled with a root canal, a hole is opened in the tooth to be able to reach the infected dental nerve. The dentist cleans out the infected tissue and cleans the root canal.

The next step is to fill the root canal with a material called gutta-percha. It is a rubber material that replaces the lost nerve. The hole is then closed using the same methods used to repair a "normal" hole in the tooth, that is, with a plastic filling. It may also be relevant to put a ceramic crown on the root-treated tooth to make it last better in the long run. It simply depends on how much of the dead tooth has been lost.

In some cases, more than one treatment may be needed to complete the root canal. Then you fill the dead tooth with a bactericidal agent that is allowed to work for a certain time before the tooth can be root filled. In those cases, you get a temporary filling on the tooth while you wait to get your permanent root filling.

Does it hurt to do a root canal?

Many people who are going to have a root canal are nervous and expect the root canal to hurt. They are often surprised that the treatment is so painless and easy. In some cases, the nerves in the pulp are already dead, then the sensation in the tooth is also gone. If the nerves in the root canal have died, it is not certain that you will even discover that you have an infection. If the nerves in the tooth are still alive, you get effective anesthesia that makes the root canal less painful.

How much does a root canal cost?

Even in the year you turn 23, dental care is free of charge. After that, there is a dental care allowance that helps you pay parts of your annual dental care costs over SEK 3,000. The state dental care support is divided into three different parts:

  • General dental care allowance
  • Special dental care allowance
  • High-cost protection

Exactly how much the root canal costs depends on several factors. You can read more about our prices and the various dental care subsidies here.

Risks of waiting for the root canal

As previously mentioned, damage to the pulp can be caused by caries, cracks and blows to the tooth, but it can also be caused by an old filling that has become leaky. In this way, bacteria leaks in during the filling and the nerve's protection against hot and cold deteriorates.

Regardless, it is important to never wait for toothaches or problems with the teeth. The sooner you get in touch with a dentist who can carry out an examination, the less time you will have to deal with the pain. In addition, it is less likely that you will have to do any major procedures if you visit us at TandCity for an examination and possible root canal in Malmö as soon as you have problems with your teeth.

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