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En flicka visar hennes blödande tandkött | TandCityWhen it comes to oral hygiene, it's not just your teeth that need careful care, your gums are just as important. Bleeding gums are a sign of inflammation, which in turn is usually due to too much bacteria. Another name for inflamed and bleeding gums is gingivitis. Gingivitis can be an early sign of the disease periodontitis. Then chronic inflammation and its bacteria break down the teeth's suspension apparatus, i.e. the structures closest to the tooth and the jawbone. When enough surrounding tissue is broken down, it affects the attachment of the teeth and they become mobile. The final stage is that you lose your teeth.
Gingivitis is our most common dental disease and needs to be treated immediately to prevent permanent damage to the oral cavity. Gingivitis is relatively easy to prevent by maintaining good oral hygiene. This is done by brushing the teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing regularly.
If you suffer from bleeding gums, we recommend that you contact TandCity as soon as possible. We help you with your problems and prevent your problems from getting worse. Together, we prevent the risk of similar problems arising again.

Symptoms of bleeding gums

If your gums start to bleed during normal brushing, it may be a sign that an inflammation of the gums has occurred. Whether it happens every day or once in a while, it is recommended to contact us at TandCity snaras and have it checked and treated.
Incipient periodontitis is characterized by bleeding gums in combination with the attachment of the teeth becoming weakened. Smokers need to be extra careful as smoking impairs the blood flow in the gums and thus "hides" the inflammation. Bleeding gums are not necessarily a symptom of periodontitis but should always be checked by a dentist.

Causes of bleeding gums

The main reason for bleeding gums is an inflammation or infection of the gums. The inflammation is caused by thin bacterial coatings, also called plaque, which have been sitting for too long on the teeth or in the gum pockets around the teeth and cause irritation.
Other causes of bleeding gums can be:
- That you brush too often or too hard
- That you use a new toothbrush or flossing technique you are not used to
- That you have dentures that do not fit properly
- That you suffer from vitamin C or K deficiency
- That you use a medicine that causes dry mouth and prevents the saliva from protecting the gums and teeth as usual

Treatment for bleeding gums

For the best treatment, we suggest that you contact TandCity and our dentists or dental hygienists for a thorough examination. In this way, we can create a customized treatment plan that fits your situation and is designed according to your specific needs.
There are treatments and measures you can take yourself to treat and prevent bleeding gums. Good oral hygiene is the first step to treating bleeding gums. To prevent bleeding gums, the following points should be included in your oral care routine:
- Brush your teeth twice a day for about two minutes with fluoride-based toothpaste.
- Use a manual or electric toothbrush with a small toothbrush head with soft and round bristles, and be extra careful to brush along the edges of the gums.
- Use dental floss or an interstitial brush daily to remove bacteria between teeth and in other hard-to-reach places.
- Regularly visit your dentist or dental hygienist at TandCity.
- Change or change your diet and other habits. Poor nutrition or smoking can make teeth and gums more susceptible to problems and infections. With a healthy lifestyle with a good diet, you keep your body in better condition, including your gums.

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