Dental jewelry in Malmö - put a little extra shine on your smile

If you want to achieve a luxurious look, you will surely bring out a sparkling necklace or glittering earrings. Now we can help you further by providing you with a radiant smile via dental jewellery.

Get a prettier smile with dental jewelry

We offer Swarovski dental jewelry, which are very small crystals that are attached to the tooth. Swarovski is famous for being able to grind glass so precisely that the crystals sparkle like diamonds. You decide exactly where you want these crystals on the tooth. Before we attach the Swarovski crystal to the tooth, we lightly polish the tooth surface. A transparent adhesive is then placed on the tooth surface, which is illuminated with halogen light. The tooth enamel is not damaged with this method and you will not feel any pain. If you want to remove the crystal after a while, it's no problem.

In other words, dental jewelry is an easy way to a more personal and sparkling smile. At TandCity in Malmö, we have a number of crystals that you can choose from. Which piece of jewelry you want is entirely up to you, and for the best end result, we always recommend that you choose jewelry color and size according to your own taste. Of course, there is also no requirement that you choose from the particular jewelery that we provide. On the contrary, you can even bring your own jewelry that you want us to attach to your tooth.

Dental jewelry requires no special care and no more or less dental care than your usual routines. The crystal usually stays put until you want to remove it, for one reason or another, and in connection with the removal you never have to worry about the jewelry leaving traces on the tooth enamel. On the contrary, the tooth will then look exactly as it did before the crystal was glued on.

Welcome to contact us at TandCity for help with dental jewelry in Malmö or for more information about our various treatments. If you don't feel that a dental jewelry is an option for you, one is professional teeth cleaning in Malmö another effective way to a radiant smile. Book an appointment today!

Add some extra shine to your smile with dental jewelry in Malmö - TandCity
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