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Our teeth consist of dentin and enamel that enclose the innermost part of the tooth, the dental pulp. The pulp consists of nerves and blood vessels and, just like other parts of the body, can be affected by an infection. An infection in the dental pulp means in most cases that the tooth will need to be treated with one root canal. Then the infected tissue is removed and the void is replaced with a rubber material called Gutta-percha.

Many people associate the word root canal with pain and there are many horror stories surrounding this particular treatment. But the truth is that for almost all people the treatment is almost completely painless. Most people do not experience any major problems with root canals. They feel no pain or discomfort except that the anesthesia may be felt a little and that the treatment takes a long time. A root canal should not have to mean pain, and with the right anesthesia and skilled dentists, the procedure is basically painless.

Don't let other people's horror stories sway you. Come to us at TandCity, your private dentists in Malmö, and let us give you a better experience. We provide you with the best possible dental care with the help of skilled staff and the latest root canal technology.

Root canal? Treatment at a private dentist in Malmö

Many of the stories we hear about how root canals are done with large appliances, pain and heavy-handed dentists are not current at all. With today's modern technology, a root canal should not be a painful procedure.

For those who have an infected or damaged dental pulp, a root canal can save the tooth. The root canal is simply explained by opening the tooth and locating all channels with nerves and blood vessels. The channels are then cleaned out and filled with a rubber material. Depending on how extensive the damage has been, the tooth is fitted afterwards with a crown or with a composite filling.

A root canal may be needed if the tooth's nerves are damaged by bacteria or if the nerves are exposed to the oral cavity, e.g. if you knock off a piece of the tooth so that the dental pulp is exposed. Bacteria that reach the pulp (caries) can be the result of poor oral hygiene. If you often carelessly brush your teeth and at the same time have a high sugar intake, the caries bacteria will eventually start to "eat away at the tooth". After a certain time, the bacteria reach the dental pulp, which often results in pain. Sometimes there is no acute pain, but the nerve dies at a slow rate and only when the bacteria infects the surrounding jawbone does discomfort arise.

The treatment involves opening up the tooth and cleaning out the infected nerves and blood vessels in the canals of the dental pulp. The canals are flushed clean and the resulting void is filled with a material called gutta-percha. Sometimes the cleaning of the canals and the root filling can be completed in one and the same visit, and sometimes two visits are needed, one where the cleaning is done and one where the root filling is done. In between, the patient has a medicine insert in the canals that kills any remaining bacteria. The dentist decides on a case-by-case basis what is appropriate.

See a private dentist in Malmö for these symptoms

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It is common to associate a root canal with pain. This is not particularly strange since it is a damaged nerve. A damaged nerve can present with several different signs and symptoms, or in some cases no symptoms at all. The nerves of the tooth can thus die without causing any pain. Sometimes a slight ache is perceived which then disappears, but in many cases the person in question has had no symptoms at all. Some only feel discomfort when the bacteria have migrated into the surrounding jawbone and caused an inflammation. Others only find out about the problem during a regular examination at the dentist.

If the bacteria from an infected nerve reaches the jawbone, the infection can spread to nearby teeth and, in the worst case, lead to several teeth needing a root canal. Sometimes the infection finds its way out through the gums and a small blister or opening forms where the contents of the infection can be drained. In these cases, the person often experiences swelling and an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

A root-filled tooth is a weakened tooth and in many cases needs to be strengthened with a ceramic crown after the root filling has been completed. The ceramic crown surrounds the tooth crown like a "cap" and protects the tooth from breaking. If most of the own dental crown remains after the root filling or if the long-term prognosis of the tooth is very uncertain, you can choose to make a composite filling instead of a ceramic crown. A composite filling is cheaper in price but not as durable in the long run.

An early sign of caries can be itching. The rush often occurs when you drink or eat cold or sweet food and when you are outside in cold air. Itching in the teeth does not have to mean caries, but can also be caused by exposed tooth necks or cracks in the teeth. To be on the safe side, it is always better to see a dentist in case of problems with itching, regardless of the cause. If it turns out to be a hole in the tooth, the bacteria can hopefully be removed before they have reached the pulp and in this way we save the tooth from a root canal.  

It is important to see your dentist at early signs of toothache. If you treat dental problems in time, you avoid the acute pain and the prognosis for the treatment is usually better. By regularly visiting your dentist and dental hygienist, you can find early signs of diseases in the mouth and thus avoid many emergency situations. Our dentists in Malmö are happy to receive you for regular check-ups and dental cleanings as well as for acute problems.

Preventive dental visits

In dental care, many treatments are carried out preventively, and by regularly visiting your dentist and dental hygienist, you increase your chances of good oral health. Even the daily care of our teeth is very important and preventive. To prevent diseases such as caries and tooth loss, it is recommended to brush the teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and to floss regularly. In most cases, an electric toothbrush provides a significantly better cleaning than a regular manual toothbrush. You can get information from your dentist or dental hygienist on how to best care for your mouth.

Many people feel uncomfortable before a visit to the dentist. Although it may feel tempting to get over your visit and hope that you don't have any problems with your teeth, it is neither a particularly good nor a long-term solution. Anyone who has had a severe toothache probably recognizes it and regrets not going to the dentist in time. This is also the case with root canals. It is a problem that is best addressed as soon as possible. Immediately after the treatment, the patient often feels a great relief to be free of pain.

If you have problems with your teeth, make sure that the problems do not develop and become worse than they need to be. It is important to confront the problems as soon as possible and to find a dentist who can help you. Healthy and healthy teeth are a large and important part of our well-being. Problems with the teeth negatively affect daily life but are easy things to avoid.

For those of you who have a fear of the dentist

It is not unusual to feel vulnerable when you sit in the dentist's chair. You may be afraid of the pain that you think will come or of the feeling of not having control over the situation. Visit us and explain your situation and we will take care of you in the best way.

It is possible to get professional help without dental care price need to be too costly or that the treatment becomes painful. Contact TandCity – your private dentist in Malmö. We offer a wide range of treatments for, among other things tandgnissling, emergency dental care, root fillings, orthodontics and insertion of dental implants. Experience a dental visit and a root canal without pain. Welcome.

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