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For emergency dental care in Malmö contact TandCity on phone number 040 23 66 00 or book an appointment online and we will help you. There are many reasons to seek emergency dental care. These reasons usually fall into one of two categories:emergency dentalcare

– Visible damage to the teeth
– Pain that indicates an underlying problem, such as swelling or tooth decay

Emergency dental care should be sought in the event of any of the following complications:
- An accident that damaged your teeth or mouth
– Tooth loss
– A crack or fracture in a tooth
- A tooth that is loose
- Severe toothache after an impact - even when there is no visible damage
- Sores on the lips, tongue or cheeks - even when the teeth are unaffected
– Infections or abscesses
– Pain, swelling or bleeding that occurs after dental care such as dental fillings, root canals, tooth extractions or dental implants
– Lost tooth filling or crown

Depending on the severity of the problem and whether it is causing you any pain, you may need:
- Visit a dentist immediately
- Book an appointment for emergency dental care with a dentist for the same or the next day
- Schedule a routine meeting to address the issue

If a piece of the tooth has come loose or if you have a mild toothache, you probably do not need emergency dental care. Toothache that gradually increases is a sign of an active process for which you need to seek dental care in the near future. A lost dental filling may not hurt - but it's still important to get it treated as soon as possible to prevent the problem from getting worse.

If you are unsure which is the best measure for you and you want to avoid expensive emergency dental care, contact TandCity. We help you review your problem, assess how serious it is and what you should do next.

Different ways to avoid dental damage and emergency dental care

There are a few different things you can do yourself and avoid to lower the likelihood that you or someone in your family will need to seek emergency dental care:
- Make regular visits to your TandCity dentist to detect potential problems and treat them before they worsen
– Do not ignore mild toothache; the longer you let it go, the worse the underlying cause can become
- If you practice any sport with a risk of impact/shock to the mouth, we recommend using mouthguards to avoid injuries
- Avoid biting into ice or other very hard food that can damage your teeth or existing fillings
As with all accidents, there is only so much you can do to prevent them. With this in mind, it may be a good idea to come well prepared should the accident occur.

Come prepared

We base our business on availability and generous opening hours so that you have access to emergency dental care in Malmö during evenings and weekends (Saturdays). We recommend that you enter TandCity's phone number and address as a contact in order to quickly book emergency dental care and find our premises:
– Telephone number: 040 23 66 00
– Address: Hamngatan 1, 211 22 Malmö
In order to create the best possible conditions for minimizing injuries, we also recommend that you have a first-aid box for dental purposes close at hand. A first aid kit should contain:
– A small container (in which you can store loose teeth and tooth chips)
– Paracetamol (some over-the-counter fever-reducing and pain-relieving medicine, for example Alvedon or Panodil)
– Antiseptic (bacteria-killing) mouthwash
– Cotton swabs or gauze pads to stop bleeding
– Sugar-free chewing gum (this can be used to fill a gap if you have lost a filling)
Be sure to check your equipment regularly to make sure no product has expired.

Emergency dental care in Malmö at TandCity

Although none of us want to end up in a position where we are forced to seek emergency dental care, we can still be well prepared when an accident occurs. For more information contact TandCity directly - and don't forget to add us as a contact so you can quickly and easily get emergency dental care.

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