Olivia Rozum

Olivia has worked as a dentist since 2012 when she obtained her master's degree in Odontology at the Salgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg. She then moved home to Skåne, and has since worked widely in dentistry. Long experience has made her calm and matter-of-fact, which many patients afraid of dentistry appreciate. Olivia is easy to handle and always tries to listen to the patient's wishes and needs, in order to be able to set up the best possible treatment.

Olivia is happy to explain so that you understand everything when it comes to your dental health. A beautiful smile can look many ways and we all have unique needs when it comes to good dental health. Therefore, it is also important that the treatment is designed so that it suits YOU as a patient. You will always feel safe and calm in Olivia's dental chair. She is warm and confident as a person, and this usually rubs off on her patients.

Olivia has a good eye for aesthetics and does her best to get nice, accurate results.